Wines get a huge boost from adding aeration because air allows the flavours to open up. But with all the hype around aerators how do you know which ones are the best? We’ve done the hard work and found the 3 best wine aerators on the market so you don’t have to.


Why Wine Aerators Help

The reason air helps wine is because of tannins. These tannins cause wine to taste bitter and dry. They can easily overpower the delicate flavours in wine leaving you with a bad taste in your mouth.

Younger (and cheaper) wines are commonly have this problem. Aerating these wines is one of the best ways to mellow out the wine and make it nicer to drink.

Some people just open the wine bottle a bit before drinking and claim that it has the aeration of a decanter. This is wrong. The narrow neck of a wine bottle doesn’t allow enough fresh oxygen to get into the wine. To aerate wine properly you need a large surface area exposed to air or a way to suck air into the wine.

Decanters have been used for centuries and are designed to boost wine surface area. Unfortunately, aerating wine in a decanter can take two hours or more. This is where instant wine decanting really shines. A wine aerator will suck air into your wine as you pour saving you hours of waiting. We have put the aerators in quick comparison table so you can easily see the benefits.

Best Wine Aerator Reviews – Comparison Table

Vinturi Essential Red Aerator

Rabbit Super-Aerating Decanter

Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer

Vinturi Essential Wine Aerator Rabbit Super-Aerating Decanter Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer


Decanter System

Attaches To Bottle

Made from high quality acrylic

Dishwasher Safe

Free 'No-drip' Stand

Made from Crystal and Stainless Steel

Dishwasher safe aerator

Hand Blown Glass Decanter

Breaks down wine to 1/25 of an inch

Made from FDA approved acrylic

Simple to clean

Easy pour spout prevents spillage

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Vinturi Essential Wine Aerator

Vinturi Essential Red PartsOver the last few years the wine aerator market has exploded with hundreds of new products appearing all over the web. The Vinturi Essential Wine Aerator is a leader in the industry and has stood the test of time. Created in 2006, the aerator is made from a single piece of high quality acrylic and the rubber grip means it won’t slip out of your hands after a few too many glasses! While many copy-cat products have appeared over the years Vinturi aerators are in my opinion, still the best hand-held aerators around.

After you pull the aerator out of the box you quickly realise that there has been a lot of thought put into this little device. It is well sized and seems solid enough to last. You might notice what appears to be two small cracks in the aerator, these are actually folds in the acrylic. Apparently the folds are a required part of the manufacturing process and I can confirm they have no effect on the device.

The included ‘no-drip’ stand is a nice feature and the sediment filter will help keep out any sediment in your wine. Sediment is very high in tannins so the filter is very important in keeping it out of your glass.

The aerator can drip slightly so Vinturi recommend you hold the aerator on a slight angle to minimise the dripping and maximise aeration. Cleaning the inside of the device can be difficult but unlike many other aerator brands, both the aerator and the stand are dishwasher safe. This is a huge plus for me and one of the many reasons Vinturi is still at the top.

As the wine is poured into the top of the aerator and you immediately will hear a suction sound as air is sucked into the wine. Vinturi says the sound is distinctively different to the other aerators and is caused by their patented design. I don’t know about that, but it does sound fun and you will definitely notice a difference in the quality of your wine. I highly recommend you conduct blind taste tests to truly appreciate the difference an aerator can make on your wine.

When it comes to aerating devices, Vinturi is well-known for a reason. The Vinturi Essential Aerator is one of the most popular and in my opinion, the best wine aerator on the hand-held market. It comes highly recommended. However, it is not my favourite aerator overall that is reserved for the full Rabbit Decanting System below.

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Rabbit Super-Aerating Decanter System

Rabbit Super Wne Aerating SystemThe innovative system Rabbit have utilised combines the speed of aerators with the age-old method of oxidising in a decanter. It really is a true wine oxygenating decanter and my favourite aerating system.

First, the superfine sediment screen captures any unwanted particles in your wine. Impressively this includes particles as small as 1/25 of an inch. The wine spray funnel then sprays the tiny droplets all down the side of the glass. By running the wine down the glass, it reaches maximum surface area, accelerating oxidation. The wine then pools at the bottom of the hand-blown crystal decanter ready for you to pour and drink.

The way the wine runs down the side of the decanter is quite mesmerizing once it gets started and you can be certain it will look good on any shelf. The crystal glass and polished stainless steel really make this product stand out from the other acrylic aerators available. The fact that it runs into a decanter means drips aren’t a problem and you can aerate the wine ahead of time. I’ve found it is easier for your guests to serve themselves when compared to the other aerators.

While the aerator itself is dishwasher safe, the glass decanter is not. The very fine and expert crafting employed by the glass blower makes it look quite beautiful but also fragile.It needs to be hand washed in warm soapy water. If like me, you are a bit accident prone, put a towel at the bottom of the sink when washing to reduce risk of breakage. It’s not necessary for everyone but it makes me feel more comfortable.

The Rabbit decanter not only looks great but also makes a noticeable improvement on both the flavour and the aroma of your wine. As you’d expect, the aerating decanter is pricier but is definitely worth the extra money. I consider this the best wine aerator on the list and it is my favourite. The fancy look of the decanter and ease of use means it’s the one I use most often when having a few glasses with guests.

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Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer

Vintori-Wine-Aerator-PourerDespite the similar name, the Vintorio Wine Aerator is quite different to the Vinturi Essential in that it is not hand-held and actually attaches directly to the bottle. This change is quite convenient and by using a spout and stopper it also makes the pourer virtually drip proof. This change fixes the drip problem that plagues the hand-held aerators.

Attaching the aerator to the bottle also removes the need for a stand which I think looks better and helps when it comes to cleaning. I was honestly surprised at how well this aerator performs considering it doesn’t appear in many best wine aerator reviews at all.

The box you get it in feels strong and secure. The aerator is protected by foam inside the box and similar to the Vinturi, is made of FDA approved acrylic. Attaching the aerator to the bottle is fairly straightforward and the wine pours very well without splashing. Again, I didn’t think it could work as well as the hand-held aerators but when testing it performed just as well or even better than the hand-held ones.

Although the Vintorio Pourer is not dishwasher safe it can be cleaned in just running water. You can use a bit of soap to help it along if you happen to let it dry out before washing. Some reviewers have complained about the parts being a bit fragile but I haven’t had any issues so you should be fine if you aren’t overly rough with it. The full satisfaction guarantee removes any doubt in my mind as to whether it will last, and, when combined with the quality packaging, means this makes a gift, even to yourself!

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